Great Tips for Painting with Hoppers

If you're working on a big painting project and want to work efficiently, consider using paint hoppers. This machine sprays a mist of paint at high pressure, allowing for an even coat at a fast pace. In addition to a hopper, you'll also need an air compressor to provide power.

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Before buying a hopper, consider your budget. If you see yourself taking on big painting projects in the future, it may be cost-effective to buy your own hopper. However, if this is a one-and-done project, it could make more sense to rent a hopper from a hardware store. It could prove inconvenient to be left with an hopper you'd have to sell.

Once you're ready to get to work, make sure your painting surface has primer and mix your paint to the right consistency. Read the instructions for your specific hopper, which will usually require the paint to have a thin consistency, less thick than peanut butter.

Once you have the right hopper and paint, you'll be ready to spray down your area with paint. You'll be pleased with how quickly you move through a painting project with your hopper. This will allow you to get to other tasks that require your attention.