DIY AC Services You Can Perform at Home

Performing do-it-yourself AC services at home can help you maintain your air conditioning system's performance and potentially save on repair costs. Here are a few tasks you can do:

Dirty air filters can reduce AC efficiency. Clean and replace your air filters to ensure proper air circulation and indoor air quality.

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Over time, leaves, dirt, and debris can accumulate around the outdoor unit, obstructing airflow. Clear the area around the unit and remove any debris that might hinder its performance. Ensure at least two feet of clearance around the unit for proper airflow.

The condenser coils in your outdoor unit can accumulate dirt and grime, affecting cooling efficiency. Clean the coils, removing any debris gently. Be cautious not to bend or damage the delicate fins.

The evaporator coils inside your AC unit can accumulate dirt and dust. Inspect them for any signs of buildup and clean them if necessary. However, accessing and cleaning the evaporator coils may require professional assistance, as it involves opening up the unit.

Low refrigerant levels can impact your AC's cooling capacity. While checking and adding refrigerant requires specialized tools and knowledge, you can ensure that the refrigerant lines are insulated from leaks.

While these AC services can help maintain your AC system, schedule regular professional maintenance to ensure optimal performance and prevent major issues. If you encounter complex problems, contact a licensed HVAC technician to avoid causing further damage.