Who is Responsible for That Tree on Your Property Line

It does not matter whether you are living in a rural or urban community, deciding who is responsible for trees on the property line comes down to a good act of being a good neighbor. Tree removal can be a touchy situation, especially if it sits between a property line. In the accompanying video, we learn communication is key to resolving any issue pertaining to each other's property line.

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Ownership and Care For The Tree

Property owners may need some professional assistance in determining the ownership and care for a tree that is located on the property line. Sometimes, the trunk is on one side of the property line, while the roots are buried underneath on the other side of the property line. Keeping an open line of communication is best served in this predicament. Especially if the need to cut down the tree is required.

Sometimes, tree removal could be considered breaking the law as neither neighbor is permitted to act in such a manner without the other's consent. And if damage has been done, both sides could be held responsible in a court of law. In the case of tree roots growing underneath a property line, the homeowner is entitled to trim the branches that come over to their side of the property line. Actions of this nature can be settled civilly without turning the disagreement into a legal affair. Compromise is key to settling all disputes.