How Auto Body Shops Repair Your Vehicle

How do  auto body shops repair vehicles after a collision? With nearly 6.5 million accidents needing repairs reported in 2017, there is an active need for firms such as Hendrick Collision Center. In this video, one of the experienced workers explains how auto body shops straighten car frames, restore body damage, and correct paint issues resulting from the collision and the repairs.

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Most repairs use one or more of the three primary resources in the shop, including a flat liner, a frame machine, and a Bondo filler.

Major structural damage is repaired using the frame machine computer to establish the car's unique frame points by finding where to attach the clamps. Once in place, the machine pulls the frame into the original alignment, constantly measuring the variances both visually and with the aid of the computer. Operators must remain safe and mindful as the damage is corrected to within a millimeter due to the power of the straightener.

Smaller and more delicate repairs are completed using the flatline. Once the damage is assessed visually and with a special light, the flat liner is put to work. The site is sanded down. Then the keys are applied and by using the bridge and adjusting the keys a dent is carefully pulled out. Once this is complete, bondo, a fast-drying filler that can be sanded, is used to perfect the repair. The surface is then cleaned and primed and the paint is matched to give the vehicle a good-as-new appearance.