Your Ultimate Guide to How Professional Chimney Cleaning

Chimneys require a fair bit of maintenance and upkeep to work properly. If you don't maintain your chimneys and fireplaces, there's a risk that you could increase the chances of a fire breaking out or getting poisoned by bad fumes. Fortunately, local chimney cleaning companies can keep chimneys and fireplaces in good working order.

A chimney sweeper will typically start by inspecting the fireplace and chimney. The first order of business is making sure that it was well constructed and is still in good general shape.

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If not, repair and remodeling work may be needed to bring it up to standard. Next, chimney sweepers will look at the throat, damper, and flu. These components can be surprisingly complex, and if they are clogged or not in good working order, it could greatly increase the risk of problems and even threats to a homeowner's health and well-being.

Cleaning out chimneys takes a bit of work, but there are many tools local chimney cleaning companies can use to get the job done. For example, cameras can also be used to inspect the chimney from top to bottom. From there, the chimney can literally be swept clean, removing soot and other hazards. A fan might also be placed on top of the chimney and then it can be used to suck soot out.