3 AC Maintenance Tips for Your Average Homeowner

The summer months are all about being in the outdoors during the day and gathering together inside at night. However, the average homeowner stresses that their home will stay cool all season. The accompanying video offers maintenance tips that should assist in keeping your cool air running without delay before you have to call the air conditioner repair company.

Cleaning AC Condenser Coil

To lengthen the life of your AC unit, clean the condenser coil before extended usage. The coil is how an AC unit absorbs heat and transforms it into cool air for the home.

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But to achieve this task, the condenser coil needs to be clean. In the winter, dust, and oil gather inside the coil's casing. And in the spring, it is wise to remove the debris before using your AC unit.

Test AC System

Ideally, you want your AC unit in good working order before the warm, muggy summer months. In the spring, it is wise to do a maintenance check on the system's air temperature difference. An AC unit should release air about 15-20 degrees cooler than the temperature of the entering air. If the temperature readings are unfavorable, call an AC repair service for further assistance.

Keeping the maintenance up on your AC unit will guarantee all the major parts are working efficiently. It'll increase the system's lifespan a great deal. Thus, you'll enjoy cooler air in the home during the summer.