Your Guide to Facade Restoration

Jed Wallentas, the developer who purchased and transformed Dumbo, is at it again. As shown in this facade restoration video, this time, he's taking on a massive challenge. He's turning this city landmark building into three fancy lofts and a commercial space.

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But here's the thing, the Landmarks Commission has some concerns about the outside of the building. Apparently, two middle columns aren't original and are out of plum. So, Jed has to figure out how to straighten them up without ruining everything.

It's difficult to deal with all these rules and regulations. But that's what happens when dealing with historical buildings. Now, this building needs some serious fixing. One way to do it is to remove the top brick from each pier. Then, workers can cut those mortar joints down low. Once that's out of the way, they push those piers over with a horizontal jack.

But that's not all; old rickety steps must go. There's a need to replace them with shiny new solid blue stone steps. Wallentas will fill in the gaps with brick to make it even better. As for the storefronts, there'll be a bakery. And to match the windows, workers painted the mahogany storefronts in a historic dark green color. It's like stepping back in time but with an eye-catching twist.

The Landmarks Commission was up in arms about the glass width and the casing of this building. But, Wallentas found a solution. They added a fancy quarter round and a brick mold casing.