How Often You Should Visit the Chiropractor

Anyone that has struggled with neck, back, and shoulder pain understands how invaluable chiropractic care is to regaining mobility and becoming pain-free. Dr. Rodman of Sports Chiropractic helps patients get the results they need and maintain those results with monthly follow-up visits for maintenance. But how important is maintenance care? 

Anyone that has incurred a painful injury that impairs their day-to-day movements knows it can be debilitating. Once they receive treatment for the pain, they know they don't ever want to feel it again.

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In most of these cases, the patient starts a chiropractic maintenance program that helps them maintain their good health and continue to be pain-free. Here are some helpful tips to consider when planning maintenance care:

Anyone that has completed an extended course of physical therapy or chiropractic care understands the pain they initially felt can be avoided with regular maintenance. Contact your chiropractor today if you need preliminary or maintenance care for your musculoskeletal system.