Working at a Solar Installation Company

Have you ever wondered on the way to work what goes into the solar panels you see on neighboring houses? How do the technicians get them onto the roof? What kind of building codes do they follow to get solar panels? The solar installation company in the video shows us how it's done.

First, these technicians are up with the sun for what's usually a 12 hour shift. They take a break every two hours and an hour for lunch.

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Before going to the job site, they study the plans and schematics, gather the supplies they'll need, and load up their trucks.

At the job site, the solar installation company technicians weather-treat and seal the installation area. Leaky roofs are a big no-no. The next thing they do is attach the mounts onto which the solar panels will be attached. Now the panels are attached to the mounts.

There are unexpected circumstances that confront technicians every now and then. A good technician calls for an expert to fix an unforeseen problem without missing a beat. Homeowners are paying for the installation, after all, so any problems must be dealt with pronto.

More of today's homes are using solar energy. They benefit both homeowners as well as the local power company. This is how the panels are installed.