Remodeling Contractor Tips

Your kitchen could use a facelift, so you hired a reputable remodeling contractor to do the work. He’s given you an estimate. What went into that estimate? How did he arrive at those particular figures? The independent contractor in the video tells us just that.

Video Source

The first thing the contractor does is sketch the area to be remodeled. He measures the area. He takes copious notes on what is to be replaced and what is upgraded. Then he lists the work to be done, the man-hours in which to do it, and the cost of the labor and materials.

The contractor has to take demo’d items to the dump, which is going to cost a fee. He works this into the estimate along with the man-hours and labor. Next, the contractor estimates what he has to actually build and what he can simply slide into place. This, too, takes man-hours and labor, so into the estimate it goes.

When the last thing to be done is the floor, it has to be prepped and materials bought. The men lay the floor and trim, which takes man-hours and labor. The next part is vital. Building into the estimate time and money for potential problems is wise. The remodeling contractor in the video does.

So that’s what goes into a remodeling contractor's estimate, even to the unexpected.