Here's What You Get With a Full Auto Service

The easiest way to keep a car operating smoothly is to have it serviced regularly. An interim auto service is quite different from a full auto service. This video highlights what to expect with a full auto service.

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Full auto services vary from garage to garage. There's no single set standard of services that applies to all cars. It's recommended to do a full service every three years (at least every 12,000 miles) with a couple of interim services done in between. This depends on the type of vehicle and mileage done. A full auto service includes but is not limited to: • Replacing the oil, air, and fuel filters • Changing the spark plugs • Checking the tires and lights • Checking the brakes and steering alignment • Replacing pollen filters if necessary • Checking the coolant system • Testing the car's battery A full auto service involves checking 50 or more components of the car and it usually takes between two to three hours. Shop around for the kind of services provided and the prices offered. It's important to use a garage that provides genuine parts and has competent, certified technicians to work on the car.