Your Guide to Working on a Steep Roof

Whether you wish to blow off the debris, remove moss, or repair your roof, the task will prove daunting if the roof is steep. Nevertheless, you must tackle the problem head-on to ensure your roof is in good shape and boost its lifespan. The key is to learn to do it safely and with minimal inconvenience. This video details all the dos and don'ts of dealing with steep roofs.

The first thing you need to do is have a harness. This helps you limit the impact of potential slips and falls.

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You can clip the harness onto a roof anchor, preferably the topmost anchor, to allow for a wider range of motion. If you don’t have a roof anchor, consider tying the harness to a sturdy item on the other side of the roof, such as a tree or a pillar.

Alternatively, you can also use an extension brush, ideally a 20-feet long. It will help you easily brush the whole roof while standing on a ladder or while sitting on one part of the roof. As an additional precaution, consider wearing some slip-resistant work boots during your climb. Ensure the boots are also comfortable and snug to prevent overheating and cramping, especially if you’ll be on the roof for some time. Lastly, keep the rope in hand as you work to avoid inadvertently tripping on it. Consider engaging gutter cleaning companies to prevent potential injuries and costly mistakes.