How Do PI Attorneys Collect Settlements?

Are you wondering what personal Injury (PI) attorneys are and what they do for their clients? For one, they play a crucial role in helping victims involved in accidents secure the compensation they deserve. Once a settlement is reached or a judgment is awarded in the victim's favor, the attorney employs specific methods to collect the settlement amount.

Typically, a PI attorney will negotiate with the insurance company of the responsible party to secure a fair settlement for their client. Once both parties agree on the settlement amount, the insurance company issues a check to the attorney or the victim.

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The attorney then disburses the settlement funds, deducting any legal fees, medical expenses, or other costs incurred during the case. Plus, they help ensure that the victim receives their rightful compensation.

If the responsible party does not have insurance or refuses to pay the settlement, the attorney may explore other methods of collection. They can file a lawsuit against the party who's at fault, seeking a court order to enforce the judgment. Sometimes, the attorney may request a wage garnishment or place a lien on the defendant's property to secure the settlement amount.

A PI attorney must be diligent in the collection process, ensuring their clients receive the compensation they are entitled to. By utilizing various legal strategies and leveraging their expertise, these types of attorneys work tirelessly to ensure their client's rights are protected and that justice is served.