Septic System Maintenance for a Clogged Septic Tank

Sometimes, home maintenance problems can be daunting. One of the most dreaded occurrences is a clogged septic tank. In their YouTube video, “How Clogged Septic Tanks are Deep Cleaned,” Insider explains the process of septic system maintenance. Narrator Dominic Rosales, a Texas septic technician, reminds us that septic tanks collect wastewater from toilets and sinks, tubs, and showers.

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Sometimes, these require deep cleaning. Rosales gives an example of one challenging septic tank. The tank was full of seven years' accumulated flushable baby wipes. He clarified, although these wipes are labeled “flushable,” they are designed to only be “flushable” in city sewers - not in home septic tanks. The video gives a clear picture of the clogged tank. The company tried its penetrating suction tube, but this was unsuccessful. They then used a 3-prong rake to clear the wipes from the tank. The tank could be cleaned entirely once the wipes were cleared out with the rake. Once the tank was clear, the septic company rinsed the tank. The homeowner was asked to flush the toilet. After that was successful, the job was finished. Rosales reminded us that if wastewater can’t pass through the septic tank, it backs up and emerges from the sink or bathtub. He also advised us home septic tanks should be flushed every three to five years.