4 Things to Know Before Investing in Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fences are beautiful and cost-effective compared to solid wood. A great fence will raise your home value and home quality by adding benefits like privacy, noise cancellation, and enclosed space. Not to mention, they also are lower in installation and maintenance costs. Watch this video to the end to see what you need to know before you install a vinyl fence on your property.

  1. Vinyl fences are coated in a special coating to help protect them from harsh UV rays. Without this coating, the sun’s heat will take its toll.

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    Check how much titanium dioxide doe the fence contains that you want to buy. The higher the number, the better protection.
  2. Check the thickness of the fence post, as this will also play a role in how durable the fence is during its time. The thicker the more durable.
  3. Bracket fence systems are easier to fail because they don’t have the same installation and robustness as one of better quality. Superior vinyl fences will use routed rail systems, ensuring the fence stands firmly in place.
  4. Before installing your vinyl fence, use reputable fence companies and check what warranties they offer. There are manufacturing warranties and installation or workmanship warranties.