The Ultimate Asphalt Buyer's Guide

Do you have cracks in the asphalt of your driveway? In their YouTube video entitled “Asphalt Guide: Best Asphalt Repair Guide,” Review Tube provides information about five types of asphalt repair products:

  1. Road Rescue Asphalt Repair
    This product hardens quickly and is safe for humans and the environment. You can scoop it into the crack or crater.
  2. Latex-ite
    This product is sold in 4.75-gallon containers. It is ready to be used as is. Their “airport grade” solution contains a polymer that solidifies the sealed cracks.

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  3. Aqua Phalt
    This material is sold in 3.5-gallon containers. It is composed of eco-friendly material. It pours easily from its container onto the hole or cracks. This brand was rated #1 by Consumer Report magazine.
  4. Garden Gibson’s Max 10
    This material is sold in a 7.5-gallon container. This smoothly flowing gel solution pours easily and contains urethane. Once the gel is poured and smoothed, the repaired driveway can be used in one hour.
  5. EarthCo
    This product provides a durable, cement-like material. It dries quickly; you can use the driveway after 2 hours. The product produces a seal that’s harder than asphalt.

All these products are good choices for repairs of cracks. If the damage to your driveway is extensive, contact a local asphalt contractor to complete the job.