4 Ways to Spot a Great Board Game

There are a few ways you can tell that something is going to be a worthwhile board game for you and your friends or family to play. Check out your options at a local board game store.  If you’re up for a challenge and trying out new things, jump right in with a board game that’s off the beaten path for you.

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  1. Meaningful Decisions
    The game should include many choices and the consequences should have value or be meaningful in some manner.
  2. Multiple Victory Paths
    There should be several paths that will lead you to a successful outcome in the game. This includes different roads that link up, which means multiple strategies that you can employ in order to reach your end goal(s). This means that there are different types of players, so nearly everyone will be able to get some enjoyment out of a game with various paths to the end.
  3. Minimal Downtime
    Games that require you to sit around and wait for a while for others to take their turns aren’t going to be much fun or interesting for you and the other players. This means that the tasks/activities during each round should be fairly simple, not taking too long.
  4. Themes
    The context of a board game is also extremely important. It should have an engaging theme that you can really get into. If you’re used to playing a certain role or specific characters, you might not want to venture into games that are far off from what you already know.