10 Important Tips to Maintaining Your Car

If you own a car, listen up, as this video will give you some crucial tips for fixing your car. The video also demonstrates how to do certain things and so you’ll know and be able to do it yourself without the auto repair shop’s help. Here are a few of the tips they recommend, while the full list can be found in the video.

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  1. Wiper installation – there will come a time to switch out your car’s old wipers for a new set and learning to install it yourself is important. 2 Top up the washer fluid – this one is simple as all you have to do is allocate the compartment in the engine which is usually color coded and then pour in the fluid.
  2. Check the oil – as a motorist, you need to know how to check the oil so that you are able to top it up if required. You will use the oil dipstick to check while the car stands on a level surface.
  3. Changing the oil – While this is a more advanced maintenance step, if you can change your own oil that’s great, but usually the auto repair shop can do it easy peasy.
  4. Chance the tire – It is 100% important for all drivers to be able to change a tire because sometimes there isn’t any assistance or cell service available. The spare tire is usually small, making it a bit easier to fit into the car after removing the flat one.