A Guide to Tree Maintenance

Trees purify the air, prevent pollution and shape the landscape. As such, they need regular maintenance to preserve their functional and aesthetic benefits. As seen in this video, tree maintenance is easy and fulfilling. Here are practical tips to keep trees in excellent condition.

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Mulching Mulching uses dried vegetation to cover the soil and prevent excessive moisture evaporation. This tree maintenance practice can also suppress the growth of weeds and provide the needed tree nutrients. The mulch materials should be spread around the trees, but not too close. All organic residues can be used as mulching materials. Watering This might seem obvious, but trees need water to stay healthy and grow well. When watering, the tree's roots should soak well to absorb as much water as possible. Pest Control Pests are common to trees and can cause mild to severe damage. Trimming and pruning are great tree maintenance tips to prevent pests, but pesticides and other chemicals can also be used. Use of Fertilizers Fertilizers provide trees with the right nutrients, mainly if the soil is weak. Before adding fertilizers, a soil test should be done to know the current nutrients available and identify the right type of fertilizer. The above are just a few practices for keeping trees healthy and in perfect condition. An arborist can help with the most common persistent tree issues.