How to Make Chimney Repairs

Chimneys are exposed to tough external elements, which make them lose aggregate with time. Chimneys over a decade old may need repairs to fasten the caps and fix any damage. According to this video, chimney repairs require expertise and the right tools for effective results. As such, hiring chimney repair contractors is important to save time and money.

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Here’s a short guide on chimney repairs. Step 1: Assessing the Damage The process starts with assessing the level of damage to know the most suitable tools and methods to apply. Common signs of chimney damage include damaged wallpaper, rust, cracks, worn-out joints and chimney blockages. Step 2: Brushing After assessing the damaged areas, an experienced chimney repairs contractor should clean off the chimney well to remove dirt, debris and other elements which could interfere with the repair process. Step 3: Repair and Seal The repair process depends on the materials used. For brick chimneys, for instance, the old bricks may need to be removed first and add new ones. The mortar mix should be in oatmeal consistency for the best results. Once done, the chimney repairs contractor should add a sealant to enhance the look and make it sturdy. Chimneys may need repairs from time to time to maintain their functional benefits. However, the work should only be done by chimney repair contractors to minimize mistakes and offer exceptional results.