Your Guide to Drain Cleaning

It's undeniable that we all take modern irrigation and plumbing for granted. This is natural, but it becomes a problem when we ignore them for too long. Fortunately, plumbing pro, Roger Wakefield, has created a wonderful YouTube channel to help homeowners. Just watch his informative video entitled, How Does Drain Cleaning Work? for some expert tips, and keep reading for more.

  1. No boiling water!
    A lot of people want to use chemical-free cleaning solutions, and that's great. But pouring boiling water down the sink will melt the glue in pipe joints and cause leaks.

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  2. Use a stopper
    Simple solutions like stoppers and cheap drain filters can prevent lots of clogs for zero to little money.
  3. Enzymes beat chemicals
    Enzyme products decompose clogs naturally without dangerous and caustic chemicals that can corrode pipes and harm your lungs.
  4. Snakes and plungers
    Inexpensive plastic snakes can break up clogs without damaging your piles and plungers are safe and effective as well. The use of heavier tools should be left to the pros.
  5. Call on the experts
    Your local drain cleaning company has the tools and the expertise to do the job right the first time. If in doubt, call in the pros!

Of course, these are just our non-professional tips based on simple research. To learn more, tune in to Roger's channel for top-quality, professional insight.