How Experts Perform AC Maintenance

Regular upkeep means a long life for mechanical things. Air conditioners, for instance, can squeak for 15 to 20 years with proper  AC maintenance. The professional in the video demonstrates supporting an older unit.

Video Source

The Inside

The furnace, usually found in basements, is the indoor part of an HVAC unit. Filters, dampers, and wiring are found there. Ezra, the technician in the video, checks the sensors, and the igniter, checks the capacitor, and cleans the area. Cleaning the drain line is important, too, or water will back up into the unit and cause trouble.

The Outside Unit

On the outdoor unit, there are tells that inform the technician of problems. Suction lines, for example, are supposed to sweat when it’s hot out. This unit isn’t, so Ezra uses his testing equipment and charts on his phone to tell him when the temperature and indoor humidity make the unit stop working properly. Next, he checks the refrigerant, which affects how the fan and capacitor work together. He mentions the age of the unit and how it takes more oomph to start up. Dirty filters, he says, cause units to freeze up, too.

Hosing the leaves off the outdoor unit and changing filters aren’t the only AC maintenance tasks that matter. Calling professional HVAC technicians is essential to keeping units working smoothly for many years to come.