A Guide to Heavy Duty and Medium Fleet Truck Repair

There is a huge difference in heavy duty and medium duty fleet truck repairs. The two trucks are different in size and application. Therefore, the preventive maintenance schedules and type of maintenance you need to do will be different. The delivery truck that runs stop-and-start routes in the city will require maintenance services more often. You must assess its brakes more often when compared to that highway truck.

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The starting and stopping will not be the same, so the tire wear will not be the same. There will also be a significant impact on the engine health due to the idle cycles or loads. Light and medium duty vehicles also communicate their data in a different way, unlike heavy duty vehicles. The heavy duty fleet truck repair services will be different.

You will find medium duty trucks in delivery applications that undergo frequent starts and stops, increasing wear on transmission and clutch components. The clutch and transmission issues will account for about 20 to 30 percent of repair concerns. The issues include transmission slipping, worn-out clutches, and difficulty shifting gears. Box truck body-related issues will also account for a significant percentage of repair concerns. Heavy duty trucks have larger and more powerful engines and transmissions leading to major repairs and frequent overhauls. The heavy duty fleet truck repairs will require an expert on board.