Your Guide to Basement Waterproofing

In this video basement waterproofing, BASEco Foundation Systems, gives an animated explanation of exactly what happens when a basement floods and walks through how to prevent this from happening. The video begins with a brief overview of how a home is built including digging a hole, pouring the foundation and concrete footings, then curing the hole and backfilling it. In the video, we're reminded of the huge impact that dirt displacement has on surrounding drainage. The video goes on to discuss what happens to the surrounding soil once the house is built and the yard is landscaped. It also gives a look at how the active and virgin soil react differently.

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Next, we see what happens once participation is added, often entering the basement through the joint between the floor and walls. It's also pointed out that some of the reasons homes experience basement flooding are due to poor drainage, a higher-than-normal water table, or they were built in a low-level location. Finally, we learn that the best way to confidently and permanently prevent basement flooding is with the use of drains that can be professionally installed by a reputable basement waterproofing company like BASEco Foundation Systems.