Top 10 Porta Potty Rental Tips

When you plan an outdoor event, you must ensure that your' guests' sanitation and comfort are your top priority. A porta potty rental is a convenient solution, but to make the most of this service, you need to consider a few key factors. The YouTube video highlights some key tips.

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Here are ten tips to help you provide a positive restroom experience. You can make your event and your customer's experience at your event a success if you follow these ten tips.

  1. Have enough units to cater to all your guests?
  2. Book the correct type of units because portable toilets come in different sizes, standards, and ADA-compliance. Consider people with disabilities and accessibility for them.
  3. Placement is the key. Where will you place your facilities to provide your guests with easy access?
  4. Will you provide extras? You can enhance the experience by adding hand sanitizers, air fresheners, and handwashing stations.
  5. Ensure you have a team on-site to maintain the facilities, especially if the event runs over several days. 
  6. Reserve your units in advance to have them available at your event. 
  7. The more formal the event, the more high-end the unit should be. 
  8. Ensure you and the facilities you hire comply with regulations.
  9. Have an emergency plan in place in case anything unexpected happens. 
  10. Tell your guests about your units and their location at the venue.

These tips ensure your event runs smoothly, and your guests have a superior experience. Start by hiring a well-established company as they'll assist with setting up and give you advice about the best location for your units.