Should You Go Into Residential or Commercial Plumbing?

There are many advantages of working in residential versus commercial plumbing, service or new construction, and union or non-union work. Not only do you get to work with your hands, but you can also make a great living! The primary advantage of residential service work is the variety of working in several homes every day, each with its own unique challenges. Since you work alone, you can take breaks and lunch when you want and usually have access to nearby restaurants. The main disadvantage is that you can end the day on the other side of town and need to fight traffic to get home.

An advantage for commercial plumbers is being on a job site for months or years, allowing you to build relationships with others. Depending on the site location, the daily travel can be good or bad, but commercial plumbers often arrive and leave earlier than most, so they miss much of rush hour traffic.

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Commercial plumbing provides reasonable job security for hard workers.

Plumbing may be perfect for people who like the idea of hands-on work but do not like heights. They'll also benefit from a steady daily schedule. If you're ready to go into this field, try getting started as an apprentice.