Your Guide to the Key Notch Tree Felling Technique

As explained in this hands-on visual YouTube video, the Key Notch is a specific method for creating a series of specific cuts in the tree trunk to control the direction of its fall during the felling process. Here's a breakdown of the process as outlined in the video as demonstrated by tree felling businesses :

The first step involves making a bore cut into the tree trunk. This is typically done on the side of the tree facing the desired direction of fall.

Video Source

Following the initial bore cut, a second bore cut is made slightly above the first one. This creates a groove or channel within the tree trunk.

A third bore cut is made above the second one, completing the formation of a "key" or tongue-and-groove structure within the tree trunk. After the key notch is created, a back cut is made on the opposite side of the tree. This back cut is typically made slightly above the bottom of the key so the tree can easily fall.

The Key Notch technique is one of several methods used in tree felling to provide precise control over the tree's falling direction. Proper execution of this technique requires skill and knowledge, as well as an understanding of the tree's lean, size, and surrounding conditions. Working with professional tree felling businesses will ensure your trees are removed safely and effectively.