How New Patients Can Prepare to See Their Local Dentist

When you attend your first dental appointment with a new dentist, you'll have a little work to do yourself. As the video explains, each new patient needs to bring a list of the medications they take, but that's not all you bring. In this video, you'll also learn how to approach your first dental appointment with a new local dentist. First, arrive a few minutes early for your appointment.

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You'll need to complete some paperwork that updates your medical records and lets the dentist know about your medical history, dental regimen, and insurance. Bring your dental insurance cards and other insurance papers with you, so the dental office worker can make copies of them. Second, bring any dental appliances you use with you. A dental appliance refers to any item you insert in your mouth to treat a medical issue, such as a retainer, Invisalign tray, sleep apnea device, dentures, etc. The dentist needs to see and examine the dental appliances you use. Third, apprise the dentist in advance if you experience dental anxiety or another condition that may impact your comfort during the dental appointment. Some dentists offer headphones, so patients can enjoy a distraction, such as music, while they undergo their appointments. Others offer light sedation; search for the term sedation dentistry to find these individuals.