Here's What ABA Therapy Is Like

ABA (applied behavioral analysis) is a kind of therapy that helps understand how behavior works in real situations. According to the video, the objectives of ABA therapy include improving communication and access to typical activities such as playtime or social gatherings. Applied behavioral analysis therapy is offered in natural environments like homes, schools, or communities.

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What is the process of people getting ABA therapy? The first step for people to receive ABA is to get an official autism diagnosis from a qualified medical practitioner like a psychiatrist. The second step for people to receive ABA is assessment. In this step, the doctor spends time with the patient to determine the objectives of treatment and the most suitable treatment program. This includes the hours per week the patient will receive care and determining whether care should be offered at home, in a clinic, or a combination of both. ABA therapy can only be offered by a team of highlight trained staff who should be supervised by a BCBA (Board-Certified Behavioural Analyst). Fortunately, most centers that offer this type of therapy have round-the-clock customer support teams who answer any queries from parents who have children that need applied behavioral analysis therapy.