How to Fix Minor Auto Glass Damage

The attached video addresses a problem that too many drivers have experienced; minor auto glass damage. You might be driving down the road on your way home after a long day at work when that big truck in front of you kicks up a pebble that hits your windshield, leaving a chip in the glass. In many cases, we don't even realize it when it happens.

Video Source

You get up one morning and get ready to get in the car to drive up to the corner store for milk when you see it – that barely-there crack in on your window. The truth is, however, it doesn't matter if we know how it happened or not, auto glass damage can be dangerous and needs to be repaired. If you are like many people, you also shuddered when you recognized the damage to your window or windshield. Not so much because of the damage, which wasn't much, but because of the potential cost to fix it. Would your insurance cover it? Would the entire glass need to be replaced? Fortunately, as the video above shows us, a simple glass repair kit can often fix the problem. So before you see big dollar signs, look into a glass repair kit from your local auto parts store, and save yourself some money and the worry of driving with a damaged windshield too.