How Are Tennis Courts Professionally Restored?

Have you ever thought about the process of tennis court resurfacing? Tennis courts need to be resurfaced to be kept in proper condition, but they can go quite some time without being resurfaced. A typical tennis court should be resurfaced every 4-8 years and the process generally takes 2-3 days. On the low end of the scale, tennis court resurfacing costs can start at $1,000.

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Tennis resurfacing has several steps and the first step is filling in the cracks if the court is old or damaged. The cracks need to be filled with a micro-sealant substance. The Riteway Crack Repair system is an option that some tennis court companies use. From there, the cracks need to be smoothed over and a base layer of paint is applied. The paint used on tennis courts is usually a mix of silica sand and acrylic latex paint. Once the base layer has been applied, the main color is applied on top. As you've likely seen from typical tennis courts, blue and green are the standard court colors. The paint needs to be evenly applied and a squeegee is a helpful tool for this step since it helps to give the court a smooth appearance. Tape is then used to block off the area that becomes the stripes to make sure the white paint won't bleed into the court. .