The Most Shocking Medical Myths Debunked

The internet has been the fastest means of educating the world on different issues. However, the unrestrictive nature of the free flow of information has created many risks for many people globally. The most destructive information is related to health and wellbeing. There are several dangers to believing all the medical myths online as truth. Read on to discover the most shocking medical myths doctors have debunked. One of the most popular myths is that vitamin supplements make people healthier.

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However, doctors have discovered that not only are vitamin supplements ineffective, but they are also quite dangerous. For example, calcium supplements cause dementia in older women, while high doses of vitamins increase cancer risk. Another common but very risky myth is that colloidal silver can heal any infection. However, doctors have refuted this claim and proven that taking silver is unsafe for humans. It can cause the skin to turn blue and other health complications that could be challenging to treat. For example, this substance makes the absorption of medication like thyroxine difficult.