What to Expect When You Sign Up for Cycling Classes

Throughout our lives, our connection with bicycles can develop and evolve. For some people, this may include a period of goal-setting and preparation, and cycling training doesn't have to be challenging to be effective. Here is what to expect when signing up for cycling classes to help you prepare. Each participant is unique, so you'll need time to customize your bike to suit your preferences.

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Your class instructor will guide you through this process and inform you of the ideal locations for the seat and handles based on your height. Your resistance and speed on your cycle are entirely personal, but your cycling instructor will encourage and guide you to push your boundaries. Avoid starting the first week with four intense spin lessons. Start with volume instead of intensity and increase intensity afterward. Your cycling speed should be conversational, which means you should be able to speak to a companion in complete sentences. Since cycling is intended to increase heart rate, you'll probably start sweating during the lessons. It indicates that the exercise is rigorous and that you are making the most of your first cycling workout. To prevent sweat from getting in your eyes, bring a towel.