Have You Fallen For These 6 Hair Myths?

Hair care is a daily concern for most and everyone has their own routine. Visiting a hair salon is the best way to see a hair expert, but what about at home? There are various ideas about hair care, but some are facts and some are myths. See if you recognize one of these 6 common hair myths.

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1. Hair continues growing after death. Hair does not continue growing after death, although it can appear to. After death, the scalp shrinks and this can cause the appearance of hair growth. 2. Head lice prefer dirty hair. Head lice actually prefer clean hair instead of dirty hair because it is easier for them to move around in. 3. Dyeing your hair is extremely bad for it. Dyeing your hair is damaging to your hair, but it is not as harmful as some may believe. With healthy hair practices, it is easy to reduce potential hair damage from dyeing products. 4. Your father will pass down his baldness trait. While baldness is hereditary, it depends on which parent's genes you have more of. If your genes take after the parent with more hair, you have a much lower chance of going bald. 5. It is healthier not to use shampoo. Shampoo washes out bacteria and yeast to make the hair healthier. Hair will not self-clean and it is healthier to use shampoo. 6. Mcdonald's fries are the cure for baldness. While this may have been indicated in research from mice testing, it has yet to be confirmed with human research or testing. .