5 Things Medicare Doesn't Actually Cover

So many people are surprised to find routine things that Medicare doesn't cover. In this video you'll know what those things are to avoid surprises when seeking medical attention, or better still, to decide whether you need to look into a Medicare supplement insurance company.

First is eye exams. Although traditional Medicare covers cataract surgery and glaucoma treatment, it doesn't cover routine eye examinations, glasses, or contact lenses.

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Second, hearing tests or hearing aids are not included. However, you can look into purchasing a discount plan that may help reduce ear-related health costs.

Another big one that Medicare doesn't cover is dental exams. To offset dental bills, you can buy a standalone dental plan and dental discount plans. Another is full routine annual physical exams that include blood work. Instead, Medicare offers you a Medicare wellness exam, a watered-down version of a routine physical examination. Finally, Medicare doesn't cover nursing home care.

Since Medicare doesn't cover some essential medical items, talk to a Medicare supplement insurance company. They can help fill those gaps and ensure you don't spend too much out of your pocket. Nursing home care, for example, may go up to $100,000 a year, which could be an enormous expense if there is no insurance to cater for it.