What Are Different Kinds of a Gourmet Cookie?

On a YouTube channel, Tri City Herald, they discussed gourmet cookies in a video titled "Gourmet Cookie Shop Sweet New Addition to Queensland". It's about gourmet cookies made by Crumbl Cookie, a cookie chain in the United States in several states and Queensland, Australia. These stores have an open kitchen, so customers can see the work in the kitchen when they come to order.

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Everything they make is from scratch and they change their gourmet cookie menu daily. Customers can order cookies for family and friends or themselves. They deliver cookies, or they provide curbside pickup. Local customers will get cookies when ordered within a half hour. They have the standard milk chocolate chip, and it's served warm to customers. Pumpkin chocolate spice has chocolate chips and pumpkin spice to provide a unique flavor. The brownie batter cookies have brownie batter combined with semi-sweet chocolate chips. When you want a buttery cookie, customers like the Cookie Butter Lava. Their classic pink sugar cookies have a pink sugar almond coating that contains almond extract. Customers can order online, call, or go to their local shop for a gourmet cookie. The chain is in about forty-four states currently and Queensland, Australia.