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  • Diagnose, Treat And Manage All Eye Diseases And Conditions.. Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Eye Infections, Etc.... Dr. Rouse Uses The Most Advanced Diagnostic Equipment And Treatments Delivered With Thoughtfulness And Compassion. Extensive Selection Of Eyeglass Frames, Sunglasses And Contact Lenses For All Groups And Styles

  • Children's Eye Exams... Of All Ages. Diagnose, Treat And Manage Crossed Eyes And Lazy Eyes. Contact Lens Eye Exams And Complicated Contact Lens Fits.... Insurances: TRICARE, Medicare, VSP, Regence, BCBS, Premera, AETNA, Uniform Medical, First Choice Health... Many More

  • Personalized Service With A Warm Professional Staff Dr. Rouse Is Fluent In Spanish. Refractive Surgery Evaluations And Post-Operative Care: LASIK, LASEK, PRK.... To Preserve, Optimize And Restore Your Eyesight Is Our Purpose And Absolute Commitment To You Military Discount

  • Treat / Manage Eye Injuries... After Hours And Emergency Care Available... Dr. Rouse Does House Calls. TRICARE Members Receive 15% Discount On Frames. We Are Committed To Providing Your Family With The Highest Quality Comprehensive Eye Care Available

  • Juicy Couture, Oakley, Silhouette, Nike, Gucci, Fendi, Giorgio Armani, Lafont. M Thru W 9a-5p, Thu 10a-6p, F 9a-4p, Sat By Appt.

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  1. Terrible Eye Care!!!!by lance7557 on 11/26/2014
    User Avatar
    Rouse person doesn't deserve the title of Doctor it was the worse experience my 5 year old ever had. I have no recollection of signing a release form to dilate her eyes yet he did. It was simply an excuse to charge us an extra 100 dollars. I pray he will lose hundreds if not thousands by my warning others of this scam business. The prescription he provided was based on dilated eyes which meant prescription was way too strong. I begged him to correct this but this arrogant balding unshaven rude so and so in his cowboy boots refused. He has a huge sign that advertises they accept Tricare Prime but I found out that Tricare wont pay. I had to go to Walmart to get a new prescription and glasses for my little girl. All their staff care about is money and using high pressure salesman technique. They tried to sell me 500 dollar glasses and lenses and accused me of not being a good parent unless I bought them.. So I took the prescription to Walmart got two pair for 140 dollar and my daughter kept complaining she couldn't see and I found out that this over strong prescription base on Craigy Ruse so called experstise was damaging to her eyes. So, I had to pay out of my own pocket for a new prescption at walmart. She has Ambyopia which is different prescription in each eye but Rouse didn't know how to explain the term. All he kept saying is hyperopia which he couldn't explain either. I plan to complain to Tricare as well as the State licensing about this business which I consider a complete scam. Hopefully, Tricare will black ball them, and I plan on writing a lot more reviews cuz obviously he has his employees write all the positive ones and to give fair warning to others to save their money and time by going to Walmart. Walmart equipment is just as high tech and their Doctors are alot nicer. I only wish I could give it a zero rating. I have to take my bill to a Tricare office and see why they won't pay cuz I would rather go to prison than give these Schysters a dime.

    • Rouse Eye careby cathy epperson on 01/12/2012
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      I highly recommend Dr. Rouse Eye care. i moved to Lacey WA from KY and the dreaded trying to find a new eye doctor. Dr. Rouse was recommended to me by a friend and i am so grateful for the recommendation. His office is run very efficiently and the staff is so personable. I cannot say enough good about this establishment and Dr. Rouse is an incredibly eye doctor with a mission to perfect eye care for his patients. cathy E

      • The best optical center in the northwestby Navpro on 08/23/2010
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        I have visited many different optical centers and eyeglass providers. But, none have been as high quality as the Rouse Eyecare Center. Dr. Rouse is thorough, deliberate, meticulous and kind. The frame selection is excellent. I got a great pair of Fendi frames which are not easy to find. They make regular frames look pale in comparison. When I got my finished glasses, my vision was perfect. Now I know how important a good eye exam is. I get two compliments per week on my glasses from strangers and that's something that's never happened to me. I highly recommend the Rouse Eyecare Center. I will be going back soon for my annual checkup and eye test.

        • Awesome is an Understatementby Travis on 06/08/2010
          User Avatar
          So, on a whim, I decided to get new glasses. Being somewhat lazy, I filtered the search by proximity and vendors licensed by Oakley. BAM! Rouse was top of the list. Until now, I had gone to Clarus Optical on College. While I don't have any complaints about the quality of care at Clarus, it is, after all, a chain store. Not that that's an inherent problem, but it was just too salon-ish for my liking. I just wanted glasses. If I wanted hot towels a pedicure while I waited, I'd go back. (For the record, I don't know if Clarus actually offers those services). ||[]||[]So I scheduled an appointment at Rouse and was shocked when I was able to get in that day. From the moment I stepped in it was first class, and better yet, personable service. Everyone was super nice and accommodating and the facilities were top notch; very comfortable and very nice. I called back later that day, and they answered the phone and addressed me by name right off the bat. Psychic, maybe? Who knows, but I likes it!||[]||[]I don't regret going for a moment. In fact, I'm mad I waited so long to do so. The staff is great, Doctor Rouse is great, the table that the blood pressure machine is great (it spins). I have nothing but good things to say.||[]||[]So I finally get my glasses, and despite all my hopes and dreams, the glasses shipped out by Oakley break two days after I get them. Woe is me. But fear not. By the end of the day, the old pair is out and a new set ordered and on the way.||[]||[]6 stars out of 5 for competency, courtesy, and sheer awesomness.||[]||[]Big thanks to Carrie, Dr Rouse and everyone else who made my visit(s) special.

          • Thank you for taking such good care of me!by Lia on 06/03/2010
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            I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I enjoyed your office. I can't say that I have ever enjoyed going to a doctor, or having an eye exam before. Everything was so easy and comfortable from the first phone call to schedule my appointment. I even called the office the morning of my appointment to ask a couple of questions and the girls I spoke with were great! Dr. Rouse was wonderful and I felt like I had the most thorough eye exam I have ever participated in. I liked the way he explained what he was doing and also my diagnosis. Dr. Rouse and the assistant asked me about my other medical history and I was impressed, as I don't rememer this being a significan part of my previous exams elsewhere. I felt like he truly was looking at all of the pieces of the puzzle. ||[]||[]The retail area is beautiful and has an awesome selection of frames to choose from. I was even assisted in choosing a pair of frames, which was new for me. I have always felt rather awkward and unsure of what to choose and why, so the help was greatly apprecicated.||[]||[]I will be telling everyone and anyone who is looking for an eye doc in the Lacey area to go to Rouse EyeCare Center!

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              Rouse Eye Care Center
              (360) 455-4425
              8160 Freedom Ln Ne Ste D
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