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All Techs ASE Certified And Participate In Monthly Training. Locally Family Owned And Operated For Over 29 Years. NOS, Flaming River, Baer Brakes, Dynamometers.

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    Road Service,24K/2 Year Nationwide Warranty On Parts And Labor,Comprehensive Visual Maintenance Inspection With Every Visit - Free!,Courtesy Shuttle Service Available On-Line Scheduling Maintenance Reminders,Our Employees Are Involved In Trade Alliances With: TechNet Professional ASA National & State,Specializing In: Brake Service Preventative Maintenance Heating And Air Conditioning,Utilizing "State Of The Art High Tech" Tools And Technology For Your Customers Vehicle

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    Brake Service,Exhaust Systems Repaired,Engine Tune-ups,Lube / Oil Change,Suspension System Service,Transmission Replacement / Transmission Rebuilt,Offering Full Service Automotive Maintenance From Oil Changes To Engine Rebuilds,We Educate And Explain Repairs To Help Grow Relationships With Our Customers,Suspension Electrical And Drive Train High Performance

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    1. Stay Away!by Kevin Stover on 08/24/2010
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      Took my car there after it failed emissions. Initial est was $105 - $249 and they told me they would test and repair as issues were found. Kept the car for 2 days giving me various storied when I called -- Still testing, fixing vacuum leaks etc, need it another day. Finally went in to see what they were doing and was presented with an estimate for $1800 to replace the intake gasket among other things, and a bill for $239.28 for inspection. No repair work had been completed not even the vacuum leaks they kept telling me about. Took it to another mechanic, he spotted 2 bolts loose on the Intake and suggested I tighten them, replace the O2 sensor and give it a tune up myself. Did the work, for about $100, and passed Emissions the next day. When I went back for a refund got the same run around for 2 days and then they told me no, because they had only estimated inspection not repair work. Stay away from these guys, they will give you the run around and pump up the bill. Very dishonest folks!
      • User Avatar
        by Robert Blaes on 08/26/2010

        We are very disappointed that we were unable to meet Kevin's expectations and have him be thrilled with our accurate and thorough process. Although there is missing and inaccurate information, we feel it is best to provide all the information.||[]Yes it did take us two days to get Kevin all the answers on his Jeep. There were many vehicles still here from the day before with a multitude of approved procedures that deserved our attention first because they were here first. It is unfortunate and I certainly can empathize with Kevin's frustration over this issue.||[]Kevin mentions the initial estimate was for $105-$249, however he fails to mention the estimate he authorized for that amount was for "Emissions Failure Inspection, Diagnostic Testing & Analysis". Kevin had this vehicle in 4 times earlier for other work, 3 of which included an inspection and testing for other failures, prior to repairs being authorized or performed, so he is well aware of our process to test and inspect prior to authorizing repairs.||[]The inspection results did identify the two major items causing the emissions failure: (by Kevin's own admission), for less than the amount he originally authorized: Vacuum leaks from the intake manifold and the failed Oxygen Sensor.||[]The estimate provided in writing to Kevin for the emissions failure equals $1412.36 for everything, including all taxes and fees. Nothing provided to Kevin came close to $1800, why would we tell him more than the printed invoice and estimate we gave him.||[]Although 4% of our customers will agree with Kevin, 96% of our customers agree with Patrick (see review below), because we do save them a lot of money, and provide them with great value and the information to make informed decisions. We believe this is the professional, honest, and ethical way to operate an automotive business.||[]

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        by Kevin Stover on 08/26/2010

        My car has been in before: the est was accurate, they did not lie, (that I know) they had a published labor etc. This time they would not tell me their rate, I asked! Please correct me, I want to know how many hours you worked and the labor rate you charged. Most shops have it posted for everyone to see. Previous repairs, included removing the Intake Manifold, repair took two trips and still wasn't correct -- bolts don't unthread themselves. This was a second chance. Replacing the intake Gasket, with Inspection, (how ever many minutes that took) was @ $800 alone. They did not mention the loose bolts or recommend replacing the O2 sensor initially. I suspect because the O2 sensor is a 20 minute job and a less than $50 part. They recommend expensive repairs first. His numbers are quite different than what was presented to me. It's conveniently lacking the > $200 for inspections, for example; and they would not print out the recommended estimate, once they realized I was onto the game. Josh, and Robert, himself told me repeatedly that they were making repairs: fixing vacuum leaks, making adjustments ...etc. It is now clear that they did none of these things, I doubt they even looked at my vehicle on the first day. Should have been honest about that too! ||[]I'm also very disappointed -- I despise working on cars, all most as much as, I hate being lied too. If they had been honest when I called, provided all the information / options, and been reasonable in their pricing -- I would have gladly worked with them. I also waited from Friday until Tuesday afternoon before posting this review. Robert had ample time to resolve this honorably but couldn't be bothered. Really sad, I have more important things to do -- You have been warned. Thanks for reading! Search for Buyer Beware review on google -- very similar. As you can see they are spin doctors too, you make the call.

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    2. Wonderful, friendly service!by sjoyforever on 04/29/2010
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      We are new to the area and my car was having several problems and was no longer driveable. We were worried that the bill was going to be huge! I looked online and called several mechanics to ask what they charged for their hourly labor. Stang didn't provide me with a quote because they said that it depended on what they had to do. The person I talked to, though, was so incredibly nice that I felt bad when we decided to go to another mechanic with the cheapest hourly labor fee. But then, After talking with my father (who used to work for a mechanic) he said that it was better to go somewhere that didn't have a set hourly labor fee because another place with a set fee could be charging you $95 per hour to do something incredibly easy and you would be ripped off.||[] So, at the last minute we decided to take the car to Stang-especially because they were so nice and accomidating over the phone (volunteering to arrange the towing and everything for us). Well, to make a long story short, the bill was far less than what we were expecting! They kept in touch with us throughout the whole process and they fixed the car in a timely manner. We really couldn't be happier! In addition, we later received a handwritten card in the mail thanking us for choosing them for our service and it was signed by the owners. I have already recommended Stang to friends and my husband and I definitely won't be taking our cars anywhere else! I highly recommend them!

      • IT IS FAMILY OWNED AND IT SHOWSby Kristen Stowe on 05/08/2009
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        Kudos to Stang Auto.||[]||[]My car was acting "funny".... and what do I know? I don't know cars! I took it to Stang to have it looked at.||[]||[]I am a busy business woman and I don't have time to mess around. Stang popped the hood, fixed the issue, and I was on my way in a matter of 32 minutes.||[]||[]Stang is a family owned business and it shows. From start to finish, I knew exactly what was going on with my car, no hidden fees.||[]||[]Stang has free shuttle service and online appoinment scheduling if you prefer that over calling in.||[]||[]I wil never take my car anywhere else but Stang!

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        Stang Auto Tech
        (720) 279-1941
        7202 West 116th Avenue
        Broomfield, CO 80020

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