Second Opinion Service Calls for AC Repair Companies

When it comes to AC repairs, it's sometimes better to get a second opinion from a different company. The Youtube video "Goodman AC Unit Not Cooling Second Opinion Service Call" shows that AC repair companies often get these calls so that homeowners can double-check what's truly wrong with their systems. Let's find out more! In the video, someone was called for a second opinion because a customer received word from a technician who said that they had a refrigerant leak, and it was not worth fixing.

Video Source

When someone suggests changing the entire system, it's best to call several other AC repair companies to get a second opinion. Sometimes, it's hard to know who to trust in this industry, as some people might be trying to sell you the most expensive option. One of the issues the second expert discovered was that the vents inside the house were all closed. The Goodman AC outside seemed to be working steadily. When the technician talked to the owners, he discovered that the vents had been closed because the neighbor was doing some work and the smell got inside the house. Therefore, the technician realized that there was no refrigerant problem. You can check the rest of the video for more details about AC repair companies and second opinions.